About Hanlie Robbertse

I’m an author, writer, intuitive and transformational storyteller on a mission to rewrite my story. 

I am

I am not these commas and full stops on this page.

I am not the letters and words so often praised.

I am not the labels hung around my neck,

nor the hurtful syllables flung from  undeserving mouths.

I am the heartbeats and tears between these lines.

I am the soul splashed in words and the angst between the sighs.

I am the semi-colon making you pause.

I am the soul ripped open for tall to see.

I am a universe inside of myself,

yet I’m a speck of dust on a small planet at the end of the milky way.

I am the one of many that stopped, yet went on living.


My Experience

Writing has been like a golden thread throughout my life. Ever since I was able to read and write, have I immersed myself in the wonderful world of words. In words I found solace when my outside environment got too cruel or hard to process. I found an escape in the pages of many books and then expressed myself in stories and poems I wrote. I spilled my heartache from rejection and bullying on the pages of my many notebooks because they made me feel safe. 

Even though my writing didn’t always sound great, I found a safe place to express my inner thoughts and feelings. On the blank pages I could write about my anger, confusion and other difficult emotions that didn’t always find acceptance and expression on the outside. 

  • Writing has helped me when my world became too dark to see any light. Depression has been a part of my life and writing helps me make sense of this darkness and bring it to light…
  • Writing helped to give voice to my inner child that suffered verbal abuse and bullying, and felt too scared to oppose those in power that suppressed my voice even more…
  • Writing brought me restoration to my broken parts that was in the dark and healed those parts in to a more wholesome self….
  • Writing has given me a voice and a way to share my story – thus healing myself but also letting others know they are not alone…

What I Do

I’m not a coach, nor a therapist. I’m a guide and way shower for those that are looking for a path to a better life.

I’m a guide for women to use writing as a way to break free from anxiety, depression, guilt and shame, and other stories,so they can live a life of confidence and hope.

I help them understand where their triggers come from and how to regulate them – emotions like anxiety, depression, shame, guilt and grief often cripple them and they don’t always know how to recognize or how to change that reality into something better. Teaching them about self-compassion, self-love and acceptance, and showing them how to process those difficult emotions through writing techniques and other tools, help them write a different story about themself.

Using meditation, gratitude, writing and other healing techniques, I equip and guide them so they can heal and be free. While this isn’t therapy, I know that these things work since I’ve incorporated them in my own life.

I firmly believe healing is possible through connecting to others. Walking with someone next to us as a guide that listens to us and understands, is priceless. I’ve been there myself, so I know….

It is important to remember though that we are responsible for our own healing and we need to commit to it every day, it is also good to know that we are not alone in this.

Healing is like running a marathon – a long journey and we need to show up for it every day.  It is not an easy road, but it is transformational and liberating. 

It is a process and we need to respect it.

If you’d like to explore more feel free to contact me.


What My Clients say!

Hanlie gave me a chance when no one would.She guided me and never second guessed me. That gave me courage and faith to spill my life for all the world to read. She asked me a question once and it was," Why do you want to write an Autobiography Novel? :I replied , "I want to inspire people. I want to let everyone who went through, or is going through hard times understand they're not alone. "Hanlie was my inspiration -not just my coach and no longer a stranger, but the sparrow in my soul. Thank you for everything.

30 Days of Gratitude The challenge was engaging and thought provoking. It was done with gentle prompts and unique perspective. It reminded me of the good things in my life.

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