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Are you ready to open up? It’s scary to voice your innermost thoughts to practical strangers and you may even think “I’ll never share my fears, doubts and struggles in such a way with people I don’t know”. I hear you. I’ve been there myself. In 2016 when I shared my first piece of writing publicly, I was scared and petrified. I wondered what people would think and say of this. I imagined a lot of negative feedback and even mocking from people. I thought that people would tell me I was crazy to do this.

Instead, I was pleasantly surprised. People supported me and embraced me. They congratulated me on my bravery. It felt liberating and looking back, I see how my own beliefs influenced me about sharing my innermost struggles and thoughts through writing. As I gained more confidence and sharing my words, I started feeling more assured, safe and free. I could share my darkest thoughts, and still I was supported. Through writing, I started to liberate myself and start healing.

Realizing what power writing has, has made me passionate to help others that are experiencing similar situations to also start healing, feeling more confident, live life assuredly, and full of hope. Imagine feeling at peace from feeling heard and seen? How would you feel when you wake up in the morning feeling full of energy, joy and hope, instead of wanting to hide away?

Using writing, you can dive deeply into your own heart and soul, uncover the beliefs about yourself that are navigating your life and change them into something different. Those dark parts of us are the pieces of us that we haven’t loved properly, and through writing you can learn to love them – one bit at a time.

By using writing prompts and exercises, you will be able to open up your heart, recognize the deep thoughts you have, and transform all the untruths into something freeing and beautiful. You will learn to live as the fullest expression of yourself

When you join an Open Up class, you will be welcomed, supported and surrounded by like-mined individuals who are on the same journey as you: to use writing to express themselves and let their voices be heard.

If you are tired of not feeing heard, or you want to express your deepest, darkest thoughts, then it will be my pleasure to guide you and help you rediscover hope and joy. Having crossed that divide myself, I know how liberating it is to write and heal. 

Ready to dive in?


No, it’s not. While writing is incredibly helpful and healing, especially in a safe community, it can never replace therapy.

Yes, you can. This isn’t about abilities; it’s about using words to tell your stories.

It’s up to you. We all have days where we want to crawl under a blanket and hide. Healing is challenging and some days you may feel like hiding, and that’s okay. You share and engage as much as you feel comfortable with.

While your experiences were painful, and writing about them may bring it into focus, it’s about reframing that experience and helping you to find a way to exist with that. We can never undo our experiences – we merely have to bring them to the light, bear witness to them and then transmute them into empowering stories. When you start to see that your experience isn’t your only truth, the pain starts to subside and go away.

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