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Guiding women to create power from their pain by using writing as a tool to tell the stories that have been locked inside them, so they can heal and live life full of joy and freedom.

Open Up -
Write to Heal Writing Sessions

When you open your heart to healing, that is when miracles happen. Writing sessions with a difference: using prompts and creatvie wrting tools like poetry, you will dive deep into opening up and healing your hearts through writing. Book your spot now!

The Write Space –
Connect to Heal

Anxiety, grief, shame, depression, anger...these difficult emoitons are not often talked about in the open, and people usually try to make it better in some way. The truth is that if you don't deal with these emotions, they will show up in some form. In The Write Space, you can learn how to deal with these emoitons in a creative way, and also start to heal everyting that is hidden underneath. Curious? Book a discovery call today!

Pathways to Healing – Courses that Help Heal

When we start to heal, things can feel overwhelming. Having the space and time to do things when you have the capacity for it, is an important self-care tool. Therefore, all courses are offered in self-study or live form.

Mindful Journaling: The Path to Self-Love

Loving yourself is the single most important thing you can do for yourself. Your relationship with yourself will last you your lifetime, and if it is not good, you will suffer in the end. If you have low self-esteem, or have suffered some sort of emotional upheaval in your life, most likely you also struggle with the concept with self-love. In this course, you can start your journey to loving yourself and taking care of your emotional and mental health. When you join this course, you get:

  • Use unique ways to write and explore your deepest thoughts and feelings.
  • Be completely open to what comes up and work through that.
  • Receive supportive tools and personalized support to help you traverse through difficult or uncertain things with ease.
  • Be held and seen and most importantly : you will be valued for who you are and where you are coming from..

Poetry, Prose & Pain: Find Your Voice, Write Your Story

When you feel unseen and unheard, the world can be a dark, unfriendly place. We heal when we feel heard and seen. Use your pain to write your story and give yourself a voice. Using poetry and prose as an outlet, you can learn to take up space in your body, but also in the world. When you join, you will receive unique prompts and supportive tools to help you write your story and be heard.

Write your Vision: Create Your

When you dream about your ideal life and you put images to it, it becomes a powerful process to help motivate and inspire you to achieve your dreams. Now imagine adding the potent ability of words to those dreams, and it can become a gateway to help you achieve them with ease. Combining the creation of a vision board, and then writing a vision statement that accompanies your vision board, will help you to create an incredibly powerful tool to help keep you moving towards your goals. During this course, you will:

  • Receive guidance on how to let go of the old.
  • Create a powerful and inspiring vision board for the new phase you’re about to enter.
  • Add inspiring and affirming words to write a vision statement that can carry you through days when things may get you down.

Why does writing benefit you

When you put a pen in your hand, and you put it to paper, there’s a powerful connection that gets formed between your brain and your body. Spilling your thoughts onto paper is freeing and healing and can help you express all those untold stories that you never were able to give voice to freely and without judgement.

Our method has been tested

30 Days of Gratitude The challenge was engaging and thought provoking. It was done with gentle prompts and unique perspective. It reminded me of the good things in my life.

Hanlie gave me a chance when no one would.She guided me and never second guessed me. That gave me courage and faith to spill my life for all the world to read. She asked me a question once and it was," Why do you want to write an Autobiography Novel? :I replied , "I want to inspire people. I want to let everyone who went through, or is going through hard times understand they're not alone. "Hanlie was my inspiration -not just my coach and no longer a stranger, but the sparrow in my soul. Thank you for everything.