Mindful Journaling - The Path to Self Love

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Having balance in your body, soul and mind is important when you want to live a life of abundance and joy. When one of these are out of whack, you may find it shows up in other places in your life. While conventional therapy may help, you may find that it isn’t enough.

Quite often therapists only throw medicine at us and we find ourselves fighting debilitating side effects. While there is nothing wrong with seeing a therapist (I would strongly advise you to still see someone when you’ve been through severe trauma in your life), you need more to help you process your emtions and thooughts and truly heal to live your life with confidence and joy.

By incorporating Mindfulness with Journaling you can achieve balance and healing from difficult and tough situations in life. Healing is a life long journey and writing is a powerful tool to work through emotions and feelings that may be hard to express.

With Mindful Journaling you can begin a lifetime of uncovering and recovery that can bring you to a place of joy.

What you get:

  • Prompts that will help you think and work through situations.
  • Mindful tools like meditations, gratitude practices and other tools to help you through difficult moments in your day.
  • Work at your own pace as well as when you have the capacity.
  • One to one personalised support if you need it.
  • Life time access with any changes or upgrades made to the program for free.

This course will help you to be more present and aware about your feelings and emotions, and also help you to process them so they can be let go off.

It’s when we don’t process emotions or feelings that we start storing this energy in our bodies and minds, and which will make us sick. Once I embarked on truly processing my emotions around various types of trauma and pain, I started to shift my perceptions of worthiness and self-love and rediscovered who I am.

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